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Releasing this Saturday, November 21st.With Christmas rapidly approaching us around the corner, we've shifted our seasonal focus on just that: the winter season, while keeping the Hawaiiana culture intact. And while many upstarts and well established companies are clearly out there exploiting Hawaiian culture, traditions and customs just to make a quick buck, we're sitting back and shaking our heads. Without knowing, at first glance, it would look as if we're doing the same; but if one looks further, you would realize that we're educating as opposed to exploitation. "The proof is in the poi." But you already knew that. Turning our attention to this new pack, dubbed "Pair-a-dice" (a play on the words "a pair of dice" and "paradise")....

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Releasing this Saturday, May 16th. Without a doubt in the world, Hawaii has some of the most beautiful and exotic women on Earth. While some may argue this statement, we'll counter-attack that argument with this: Our state is comprised of some of the most diverse ethnic nationalities / backgrounds in the World, and with decades of cross ethnic marriages, has in turn delivered us our beautiful, exotic wahine. To honor our stunning and ravishing women, we've put together a shirt titled Birds Of Paradise, the word "bird" meaning girls or women in "slangular" terms.[blipfm http://blip.fm/profile/FITTED/blip/10475042]This is a pocket tee, with the slogan "Birds Of Paradise" printed in script on the front left pocket, while the back sees a bamboo frame...

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