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Releasing in-store and online this Tuesday, September 9th.Aloha kākou!We’re unveiling a new hat under our FITSTRIKE program, set to release tomorrow. This Slaps Wind snapback features a woodland camo crown with black uppervisor and scarlet red undervisor. The front flag features black, white, and gold raised embroidery surrounded by a scarlet outline. The back crest is stitched in gold while the side New Era logo and eyelets are stitched in scarlet. A black top button and white snap enclosure complete the look. Only 50 pieces of this Slaps Wind snapback were produced.

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Releasing in-store and online this Saturday, July 26th (Islanders tee will also be available at Blue Hawaii Surf).Aloha kākou!This Saturday we will be releasing a special Camouflage Islanders pack, consisting of two FITSTRIKE H Pride snapbacks and a new Islanders tee in black. The first H Pride features a scarlet red crown with brass embroidery around the front, side and back. The uppervisor is cloaked in woodland camo while the undervisor and top button are done in black. A white snap enclosure finishes the look. The second H Pride features a black crown with a visor dipped in woodland camo. The front H Pride logo is stitched in white to match the back snap enclosure. Also features black crest embroidery...

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Releasing in-store and online this Thursday, May 8th.Aloha kākou!Tomorrow’s FITSTRIKE release will consist of two hats dressed up in camouflage. The Kamehameha snapback features a crown cloaked in woodland camo with scarlet visor, eyelets, and top button. The Kamehameha embroidery is contrasted in white, along with the side New Era logo, back crest, and snap enclosure. The Kulāiwi 59FIFTY features a stone crown with woodland camo uppervisor and moss undervisor. It also features navy front embroidery and top button, as well as maroon New Era logo and back crest embroidery. These two hats are limited to only 50 pieces each.

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