Releasing Saturday, Oct. 19th.Aloha kākou!This weeks drop is inspired by the old Hawaiian license plate that was issued in 1981. The license plate featured white reflective with the silhouette of King Kamehameha Ekahi in orange, while the "Hawaii" (top center), "Aloha State" (bottom center), and numbers were embossed in brown. Using the license plate color scheme, this hat features our Kamehameha logo in orange, with a white crown, and brown visor. Also dropping is a new Honoluluan tee in white, with a red, brown, and gold design.

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Releasing Saturday, Oct. 12th.Aloha kākou!We couldn't be more STOKED to drop this weeks Saturday release. We have been waiting forever to get these hats made and we think they came out dope! When we first found the fabric, we knew we had to do something awesome with it, so we decided to make one of a kind snap backs and 5 panel campers for you guys. These hats are made out of VINTAGE dead stock 1970 print fabric and made in the U.S.A. Each hat was carefully hand sewn meaning they are all unique and different. These hats will be sold in store ONLY and super LIMITED to 20 pieces each so make sure to come early and grab yours!...

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Releasing Tuesday, October 1st.Aloha kākou!AHUPUA'A is a land division usually extending from the mountains to the sea. The word itself is very literal. It was called this because the boundary was marked by a heap (ahu) of stoned surmounted by an image of a pig (pua'a), or because a tribute was laid on the altar as tax to the chief. This tuesdayʻs shirt release was inspired by Ahupuaʻa. Here at fitted we strongly believe in traditions. Just like the old ahupua'a, everyone has a job to do to make sure there is balance in the system. If it wasnʻt for all of us working together we wouldnʻt be a cohesive brand. Visually, it shows the mountains, "FITTED" representing the land...

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