Releasing Monday, Dec. 20thA few months after Hawai'i gained statehood in 1959, the politicians of our newly established nation compared our burgeoning city of Honolulu with other, well established major cities and grew a little self-conscious. Realizing the sentiments that our state was behind the curve of expansion and development sparked a fire to build up Honolulu and Waikiki, despite many citizen's opinions that the beauty of our island would vanish. New commercial remodeling brought a steady income of lucrative finances which helped stimulate our lacking economy. Shortly after WWII the United States was introduced to more "open skies" and saw an increase in Americans traveling abroad. With a dominating economy came larger commercial airlines which eventually led to cheaper...

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Releasing tomorrow, Wed. Dec. 15th online and in-stores. The release is limited to 40 pieces for the jerseys and 50 capsIt’s been 200 years since Kamehameha unified the Hawaiian Islands. A few months ago, Puukohola National Historic Site celebrated the bicentennial anniversary with a chicken-skin-inducing ceremony on Hawaii Island– the birthplace of Kamehameha aka Paiea. Puukohola heiau (temple) was widely believed to empower Kamehameha with the necessary mana (spiritual energy/currency) to unify Hawaii. Kamehameha ordered the construction of Puukohola heiau and dedicated it to Ku– the god of war amongst other things and one of the four major Akua (gods) in ancient Hawaii. Today, the heiau still stands in Kawaihae as evidence of ancient Hawaiian ingenuity and culture, but more...

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Releasing tomorrow, August 29th.Over 25 years of Skateboarding history is included in this collection of stickers. These stickers range from classic collectibles to island companies that supported the early skateboarding years here on the islands. Every one of these stickers were free, somehow acquired from a traveling pro at a demo, contest sticker toss, friends who were sponsored by various companies, raiding company warehouses, sponsorship packages, or stolen from skate shops. These are the real deal and the contemporary skate art will never compare. There aren't many brands whose graphics haven't been influenced or straight up bit completely from classic skateboard art. (Present company included) Take a close look and spot some of your favorites.Details of the product are as follows: On deck is a...

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