Aloha kākou!The fourth annual assembly of like-minded contemporary artists known as Pow Wow Hawaiʻi is upon us, and weʻve teamed up with them to collaborate on a special project that features a custom fitted snapback, two t-shirts and a tank top. Letʻs break it down real quick: Weʻre releasing a custom island camo snapback with pink Aloha scrip, black brim and pink underbrim with Pow Wow Hawaiʻi stitched on the back in pink. Weʻll also be releasing a white Aloha tee with the same island camo fill as seen on the hat, FITTED crown and Pow Wow Hawaiʻi on the back, a black tank top with pink Aloha and island camo fill (not pictured), and a white Pow Wow Hawaiʻi...

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Releasing Saturday, November 14th.Shaka value. You can never have too many shaka's thrown about; the shaka is the new "peace sign." The Honolulu Star Bulletin ran an article back in 2002 about the possible origin of the infamous "shaka," and according to one legend, a man named Hamana Kalili of Laie whom once held a position at the Kahuku Sugar Mill, lost three of his fingers while feeding the sugar cane into a rolling-machine which turned the sugar cane stalks into sugar "juice." Due to that accident, he had to leave the sugar mill and eventually picked a job up as a security guard on the "sugar train" which traveled between Sunset Beach and Ka'a'awa. "One of his jobs was...

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