Releasing Tuesday, June 28thMahalo to everyone who came through to our Native Rights collaborative party with Cukui. We can't thank you enough for your continued support! Also, many mahalos for supporting our J Boog x Westafa pack. For those who may have missed out the first time, we still have a few sizes left on our online store. They're flying off the shelves quick, so be quick!Tomorrow we're releasing a black logo tee with a white logo fill and burgundy stroke, burgundy crown on the back.

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Releasing Saturday, August 28th.Aloha kakou!This Saturday we're unleashing our Pimper's Paradise tee plus a brand new, custom Pride. The inspiration is pretty straightforward: although we live in a beautiful city that nearly the entire World considers paradise, beneath the surface there is a darker, grittier side, as with every city. It's a great contrast of good and bad, yin and yang; we do sort of need both to have it balanced. Pride cap is all red upper with a white logo and tan brim / top button.

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Releasing tomorrow, May 9th. Aloha is one of those defining, contagious words we practice, preach & sermonize; whereas Hawai'i is the groundation for "Aloha" which we represent and embody on a daily basis. Our island conjures up a sense of dignity, honor, gratification and pride in oneself. It's the genesis of what makes our State so riveting. Whether you're a local living abroad in Vegas or in a N.Y. state of mind, it ain't hard to tell that we here at FITTED try to epitomize the Aloha spirit with our own informal twist. Our common goal would be to have everyone become an advocate of Aloha ʻāina somehow, spreading an infectious dosage of one love, whether you're tilting a cold...

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