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In stores now.We're releasing another nostalgic graphic in a tank top; this time we went back to our Endangered Species back. Printed in khaki brown with a crest on the left chest and Hawaiian Endangered Species on the back in black. Matching hat is a tan Kamehameha with a black wool brim (green underside), green New Era logo and white Kam and crest logos.

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Aloha.Releasing tomorrow, May 5th. There are slight correlations between the musical genre "punk rock" and the overthrow of Hawai'i. For example, many punk rock bands have an unfettered, independent DIY attitude. Majority of them, whether old or new, are very anti-establishment and averse to big corporations. The ideologies of punk rock are similar in that many Hawaiian(s) [activists] are so fed up with the way our own government seems to be betraying our people, our virtuous ethics and cultural ideals that they may sometimes take a subtle "extremist" approach, such as hanging / waving the Hawaiian flag upside down. This represents not so much an anti-state sentiment as it does as a sign of distress, anguish, pain and suffering which...

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Aloha.Pull up a chair & have a seat. Pay close attention. Class is in session. Let’s briefly discuss the Hawaiian Renaissance (also known as the Hawaiian Cultural Renaissance) which was an reawakening or revival, if you will, of our contrasting Hawaiian cultural character and distinctiveness during the early ‘70s. Contemporary Hawaiian music artists such as Gabby “Pops” Pahinui (of Sons Of Hawaii fame) helped play an integral role in this cultural movement / resurgence. With this renaissance, there was a reasserted curiosity and interest in pidgin, Hawaiian language, Hula, Hawaiian studies & traditional Hawaiian arts. Before this enlightening cultural rejuvenation, there was the Merrie Monarch Festival (which they still run to this day) established by George Na’ope. The Merrie Monarch...

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